Ever since the introduction of Webinar for live video streaming and video conferencing in the business world. This tool has become vastly popular as it has offer several benefits to the users. Webinars are also known as web conferencing by most people, it is a service that allow users to communicate online in real-time, multicast video or audio conferencing events usually from different locations which the participants are staying. Which is made possible using the online technologies like TCP/IP network. Some examples of the webinar services are WebinarJam, WebEX, Google Hangouts, and GetResponse which is available in the market.

The main feature of using webinar for the Live video streaming is that it allows connectivity and interaction in real-time between the presenter or presenters whom interact online with the guests and the audience at the same time during the event. To understand more on why webinar has become more and more popular, I have list down the some of the reasons below for your better understanding.

  1. Convenience of using Webinars
    Webinars are convenient tool for online conferencing as anyone with internet access can connect easily online to communicate with each other. Especially during the video conferencing or live event which the invited participant can use their mobile device or computer to attend the event anywhere in the world.
  2. Maximum Exposure in the Digital world
    Most of the time people will use webinar services over live streaming for privacy and business confidential reasons. But for Live public events that promotes the company’s brands, products or services. Using webinar service that links the live video streaming to the social media greatly boost and maximize the exposure to promote the event.
  3. Social Media Impact
    Nowadays, most of the major social media platform like Facebook and YouTube supports live streaming and results has shown that using social media platforms for the Webinar events has a strong impact in terms of promoting and marketing the company’s branding, products and services in the long run.
  4. Webinars engage audiences easily
    One advantages of using Webinars service for live event is that the audience are more likely to share their comments and invited friends to view the event using the social media platforms. This in turn created better engagement for the audience who can share their feedbacks in the social media using the webinar services for the live event.
  5. Webinars is great for marketing
    As mentioned above, webinar marketing helps to increase the exposure of the business in the digital world which the company will use the opportunity to introduce their products or services to the targeted audience online which is definitely more effective than just a simple advertisement.
  6. Webinars are good for SEO
    One of the hidden benefits for using Webinar service to live stream an event is that it helps to increase the page ranking for the company if the video is live stream in the company’s website or via social media platform. This is known as video marketing which it will create a strong impact in the SEO rankings for the company as part of social media algorithm analytics in video ranking.
  7. Webinars helps to establish the business credibility
    By using the webinar services for the live video event, the company is able to increase their credibility and impress the target audience by presenting and sharing their ideas or concept. Webinars in the long term are effective and efficient in bring people and their perspectives together. This will allow ideas to evolve and improve with feedbacks and opinions from the invited participants which greatly contribute to the innovation of the company’s product or service and establish better credibility at the same time.
  8. Webinars are very useful in Training and Education applications
    For companies or educational institutes that rely on video training and other applications, webinars live streams is often use to showcase the training in different fields of study and concepts. By using webinar service, the training can be done online which is broadcast between one or more presenters to multiple users all at the same time. Webinar live streaming also helps in creating better engagement and understanding of the topic as the invited viewer can engage in the Q&A sessions and posting feedbacks during the live event for the purpose of interactive education.
  9. Webinars can created more awareness to the consumer
    Using a webinar to broadcast current news and information relating to the event’s topic can make a strong impression to the target audience and reach out to more people online. By using creative marketing and design to apply in the event’s program, the company will be able to attract more audience and even gain new potential leads for the company’s site and eventually new customers for the business.

In conclusion, webinars for live video streaming is popular as it has a lot useful applications and features that benefits both the company and the users greatly in terms of marketing and educational value.

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