In this modern era where all the information can be easily connected globally, many organizations have expanded their business by either outsourced their business or open another branch in other countries. This in turn has encouraged many corporations to use live video as part of their communications strategy for their business. Other than the communications for internal use, many companies who are tech-savvy are using live video to engage employees and potential customers by using the power of social media and live event videos to promote their brands, products or services.

With live-streaming being easily accessible, any person can use their mobile device or their computer and use the internet to view the live video using several popular sites such as YouTube or Facebook. Using this technological advantage, many companies are able to reach and connect to a huge audience base globally which in turn improve media exposure and potentially boost sales for the company at host the live event.

There are many reasons why more and more companies have used live event streaming to market and promote their brand. The main reason is that people will prefer to buy from brands they have trust and the best way to earn their trust is by providing them excellent and quality service/product. Thus one of the methods to build trust with the targeted audience is by creating a live video to showcase the company’s transparency. It will let the viewers understand more about the company’s business history, culture and how they manufacture their products or provides the services to their clients. This, in turn, will encourage feedbacks and even ideas to improve the company’s product/services from the audience.

Other advantages of using the live video to promote the event are that it is cost-effective. Before the invention of Live streaming services for corporate events, most companies will need to rely on television broadcasting to showcase any videos or live reports related to the corporate event which is usually very expensive and may easily cost tens of thousands to the company.

But nowadays, companies will have options to either produce or broadcast the live event by themselves or hire a professional video production house to produce and live stream the event for them. Depending on the requirements, companies will be charged between several hundred to a few thousands of dollars by the video production house.

Thanks to the social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, it is easy for companies to get feedback from their customers and other viewers through the online comments on their live-streaming video. Other benefits of using Live streaming for the corporate events include the fact that most online viewers will tend to share the video with their friends and families.

A majority of the social media comprises of digital marketing campaigns, social media have aid live videos to gain more exposure by getting more feedbacks during the sharing process when the user’s friend or relatives make a comment on the live video webpage. Another advantage of using the social media platform for the live video event is that once the live streaming of the event is finished, the broadcaster can save and upload the video and on their corporate Facebook page or on YouTube.

Live streaming an event not only allows the company to reach a broader audience, it’s also an entertaining event which can engage the viewers as it gives them a feeling of involvement. Especially in when the viewers participate in the Q&A’s section presented by the host and their answers or comments are acknowledged by the presenters.

Many companies have also used live streaming is to solve their customer’s concerns and feedback on the event while demonstrating a product or service. Using live video for the purpose of customer service not only makes give their customers a good impression of the brand, it also helps to improve the relationship between the company and their customers using live streaming as the platform.

In summary, Live streaming a corporate event not only allows business to showcase their new product or services to the prospect. It also informs the targeted viewers of the current situation and gives them a preview of the agendas that are being covered. Examples will be business conferences, new product or services presentations, tradeshows or any related marketing events.

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