Whiteboard production generally means creating the whiteboard animation by the professional video production companies or videography experts for the purpose of communicating vital information for marketing or business purpose. Although most people will agree that using interactive whiteboards offers a lot of benefits which includes a higer degree of flexibility and also better means of B2B communication. However, interactive whiteboards has their own drawbacks and let’s take a look at the disadvantges of using interactive whiteboards and how to overcome them.

First, we look at the high cost factor when engaging a third party to process and allow their client to use the interactive whiteboard for business purpose. Which is easily 5-8 times more expensive than the traditional whiteboard. Also to note that there are addition costs for the installation and other video/audio equipments and softwre that will increase the overall cost.Not to mention the videography experts has to train their clients whom are required to use the system which not only will add up to the cost as addtitonal time are required for the training.

The other cost factor will be the regular maintenance and troubleshooting fee which is usually expensive but sometimes clients may get some discounts for the purchase and installation if they buy the interactive whiteboards in bulk order. Other than that, some companies may have their in-house technical team that is specialized in video and audio equipments that can be train to maintain and troubleshoot it the whiteboard themselves after the training of the interactive whitebord. .

Apart from the time taken to train the key personal of their client to effectively use the content, it has to be created in advance and the correct software has to be installed to allow the content to be displayed properly. To overcome this issue, Most companies will either hired or select the key personnal from their company to prepare the whole content in advance of the business world and achieve that by hiring the “right” people to dedicate themselves in generating the quality and qualtiy content accordingly.

Last but not least, users will need to take note that interactive whiteboard design are heavily affected by the surrounding enviroment that most viewers will not able to seethe content if the backgroud is too bright. Not to mentioned that if the user will be proned to eyesight issue if they tried to look at the screen for a long period of time.Thus it will be wise if user understands the basic concept of Whiteboard production.

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