Also known as production company or production studio, a production house by default is a company that specializes in video and audio production that is either done in Live streaming, event video or whiteboard production for the purpose of corporate, entertainment educational or personal events. Examples are tradeshows, business conference, product launching events, weddings, birthday parties, religious activities and so on. The production house will have a group of technical staff such as producer, cameraman, videographer, designers and audio technician who are in charge of producing the media for the project. It includes any forms of information, communication or entertainment that is intended for a large audience which they can view it online or via media like television or radio.

The basic services that the production house provide are camera operation, scripting, set creation and editing of the video/audio according to the client’s requirement. From the initial concept of the project to its completion. Production house will work hand in hand with the client to discuss and plan on the concept, scheduling, scripting, casting and other related activities. From supervising the whole process of the video/audio production to its completion, they will ensure that their client is fully satisfied with the production with no operational errors or hiccups especially live events.

Depending on the client’s requirement, Production Company can also assist their client to arrange for staff planning, production of the video for business distribution and even online social media marketing if necessary and most importantly they will work within the budget given by the client to ensure the production is efficient and cost-effective.

Production companies which are well-known and process good reputation in their industry usually focus on an end result by producing quality videos for their clients that will easily engage and connect with the target audience. Thus, from the initial planning and creation of the concept, pre-production, post-production to the actual production is critical to the production companies and the overall success of the production is only achievable with the assistance of experienced producers, project consultants and event crew. Not to mention the high-end video/audio equipment, software for streaming or webcasting platform and the studio sets which are necessary to produce high-quality videos for their clients.

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