In Singapore, there is an ongoing demand from local and International companies to engage video production company to promote their brand using video marketing. This includes events such as roadshows, product launching and other marketing activities for the sole purpose of video marketing but video production companies are also hired for private events such as birthday parties, weddings or other social events.

Many companies have invested more of their resources on online video marketing as the end results are more prominent than traditional forms of marketing. As it is proven that videos are usually more interactive and can easily engage the viewers. Video marketing can easily showcase a product or service in action at the same time present a message to the viewers and create brand recognition. Video production is not only cost-effective, but people are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching the video online. Thus it is widely recognized as one of the best marketing technique available.

Sometimes it’s good to have a new set of eyes look in on a business. A good video production company will be a partner that really gets to know the product, service and brand values of your organization. However, video inherently is a creative process, and as an outside entity, they’ll be able to provide a fresh perspective or spin that you may not be able to see. This can manifest itself in ways both surprising and subtle, allowing your brand to view your own offerings from a new, slightly different perspective.

As there is always new technology available in the market, professional video production companies like Spring Forest Pte Ltd have dedicated their time and resources to keep up with new trends and technology in their profession. Not only video production company have the expertise, equipment and facility to assist their clients to produce marketing videos. These companies also have the relevant experience which they are able to guide their clients to produce the best results while under their budget.

Usually, the corporate video producer will take charge of any corporate video campaigns once companies have engaged video production company. The main role of a video producer is to handle all the aspects and process starting from video’s pre-production, production and post-production. They will also be involved in planning, scheduling and editing of the videos to enhance the effects in terms of video and audio quality.

Video producer also needs to help their client to maintain the budget, controlling expenses, securing the right locations (indoors/outdoors), acquiring special permits to access to certain locations, enforcing on-set safety precautions and even conduct interviews to select the actors for the video and directs the show. Other ad-hoc duties may involve hiring and scheduling event crews such as camera operators, makeup artists, audio technicians, editors, grips, graphic artists and other related personnel for the project. Video Producers may also have to be involved in the supervision of audio,

graphics, writing voiceover scripts, visual effects and versioning or adaptation for different markets depending on the requirements of their client. Thus the role of the Video producer is very critical to the success of the video production.

There isn’t much difference between a video production company and a corporate video production company in Singapore as most of the video production house can handle either private or corporate events. Except for the fact that a video production company have more experience handling private video events such as weddings, birthday parties, church or temple activities whereas corporate video production company have more direct working experience is directing marketing events, live streaming, documentary for the non-profit organization and so on.

For companies who are looking for a professional video production company in Singapore that can easily handle their requirements for video marketing campaign. You can consider choosing Spring Forest Pte Ltd as this company has tons of experience in producing corporate video for many years. To get in touch with Spring Forest, You can contact them at +65 9668 0069 or email to them at for more information.

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