A virtual studio set is a type of television studio that allows the background to be control and manipulated in real time. This means that the virtual set can be programmed to change the background setting using digital graphics accordingly to match the show’s requirement as and when needed.

Technically speaking, a virtual studio is a television studio has the means to allows the interaction of people or other objects that are combined with computer-generated environments concurrently in real time. One unique feature of the virtual studio set is the option to use the camera to move in the 3D virtual space, which means that the virtual scene can adapt to camera settings for functions like zooming, angle, pan and so on. Compare to normal studio settings, virtual studio set does not require any post-production as the virtual background can be easily programmed and edited by graphic artist and programmers specializing in 3D graphic design.

Other technical features and tools for virtual studio set included camera tracking using mechanical or optical measurements for the creation of live stream data, Software that renders the image of the studio set in real time and video mixer that combines the video form the camera and real-time rendering software to create the final video output or replacing of the chroma key background.

Compared to the normal studio set which is often more time consuming and expensive. Virtual studio set has more advantages and benefits as described below.

1. Virtual Studio set is much faster to set up than a normal studio set.

2.The producer has the options to custom build their studio set theme or choose from a selection of digital sets that is pre-built. It is also possible to change the virtual studio set background based on the show’s agenda as and when required during the show.

3. It is possible to get a video footage in a different environment and merged the video to the virtual studio set together in real time.

4. Virtual studio sets can be shot in multiple angles using cameras set from a different point of view.

5. It is even possible to create the virtual area in the studio set for the purpose of animation or “picture within a picture” effect.

Nowadays virtual studio set use green or blue screen technology as the background stage that will show the video-recorded image that is imposed in digital design. This means that the images are mixed together using the Chromakey tool when the green or default blue screen is replaced by the digital image accordingly. Although most will agree that green screen works better for online videos while the blue screen is more suitable for filmmaking.

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