Before you understand the difference between live streaming and live broadcasting, it is necesscary to learn the definitions between these two so you can get see the difference.

Live streaming refers to the process of how the online streaming media is recorded concurrently and broadcast in actual time of the event to allow to the viewer to see it using their media devices such as laptop, mobile phones, tablets and television. To most people, live streaming is simply refer as streaming in general terms. Examples of the Live stream services will include using social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube or other websites that allows viewers to watch live events and interact with the host or key personal in the actual time.

Live broadcasting on the other hand is known as live transmission that simply refers to the usage of different types of media that are broadcast without a significant delay and appear to the viewers through video and audio in “real” time. Common examples are Live radio,live television that broadcast varietys of entertainment such as soccer match, national parade, new programs,variety shows and so on. Which also include social media events such as liveblogging.

While it may seem that both live streaming and live broadcasting has the similar definition, the approach,incentives and the motivations are quite different in terms of the business aspects.

Livestreaming can be view as a tool that use it’s technical ability to livestream video to anyone that has devices such as mobile phone or tablet to view the video. The process alone has the power to distribute the same video in the globle scale to reach the target viewers which can count in terms of millions or even billons. A good example will the upload of Live events in youtube channel which has the potiential to made the host famosu overnight.However, if the market limits to people that wish to be famous using their videos to livestream and hoping to get famous eventually, the motivation and the incentive involved is only a one side affair and may severely limits the full potential of this technology.

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The purpose of Live broadcasting is creating meaningful connections using between the host and audience on a common topic which also engage target viewers at the same time. Rather than convincing people to become famous, The true objective ranges from those whom want to discuss and share their thought on a daily topics to global events that affect everyone in the world.

Thus one can see that the true difference between livestream and live broadcasting is about the agenda of how the process will benefit one group (the producer and the host) in terms of financial gains or everybody including the target audiences and the online viewers in terms of economic, educational and social experience.

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