Social media is long since used solely as an online tool to communicate with each other for personal use. Many businesses have seen the potential of how social media can influence people and has found ways to tap into this resources to gain more prospective customers online. One such method is to live stream an event and upload in the social media platform such as Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube. By doing so, the company can host a marketing event in real time and easily reach hundreds or even thousands of viewers online all at the same time.

While live streaming is vital for increasing brand awareness and connecting with clients online. It also creates opportunities to engage with the viewers online during events such as game shows, business conference and so on. However, to maintain the interest of the viewers and achieve the desired result will require efforts and time for the preparation and planning of a social media strategy. Below are the few benefits of using the live streaming event on the social network.

1. Live Streaming Internet Video Can Generate A Larger Audience

There will be no geographical restrictions if the event is the live stream and broadcast online to make it easily accessible to the targeted audiences on the worldwide basis. Rather than the capacity limitations of the audience who have to attend the event physically.

2. A Live Streamed Internet Video increases the Urgency of Your Content

For business or marketing events that occurs only once a year or a one-time only event The live streaming of this event will becomes a rare and urgent entity which online users will take more passive action and interest to access and view this video content especially on situations where the urgency to view this video content will increase greatly if the live event is broadcast for one time only.

3. Live Streaming Internet Video Can Generate Better Online Interaction

Live streaming an event has been proven to be effective to increase social interaction between the host and their potential clients. As it established a point of contact for customers who are interested in the products or services offered by the host during the live events or the opportunity to engage with prospective clients online via the social media platforms.

4. A Live Streamed Internet Video Offers New Opportunities For Revenue

Live streaming video allows the business to create new business opportunities by interacting with new clients online. By using the options to charge the online viewers to access to the streaming video. The event host will have additional income as they can charge the admission fee for the attendees who attend the events physically and also for online attendees as mentioned earlier.

5. Live Streaming Internet Video That Makes Your Event Unique and Stands Out From The Rest

It’s a proven fact that using Live Streaming to broadcast events in real time and upload in the social media platform not only give the brand unique. It also makes the organization to be more responsive and interactive with the business trend. By taking this approach of engaging prospective clients using internet video and social media, it helps the business to increase their brand awareness and to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition.

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