In every major event such Football match, music concerts national day or other entertainment shows. Most of not all viewers will prefer to watch ‘live’ to enjoy and feel the excitement. Thanks to the invention of live video streaming or live casting, people are able to view these events in real-time on television or via the internet in High Definition which comes in 1080P quality standards.

Thanks to the new breed of technology that often comes with low cost, many companies have engaged video production house to make their business seminars, workshops, webinars and other related marketing events broadcast ‘live’ to a global audience over the internet or in TV channels as the effort to further promote their brand to the world.

Live video streaming is often used to describe the process of broadcasting real-time, live video footage or video feed to a target group of audience whom either access the video stream over the internet or relying on media device such as television, personal computer, notebook, tablet and smartphone. People can also choose popular venues such as a movie theatre, restaurant or pubs, house of worship such as church or temples and last but not least the sporting arena. Also to note ‘live’ broadcast can be just video, audio or both which depends on the requirements and situations of the organizer.

In the business point of view, live video streaming offers several benefits and improved methods that make the business events to be more interesting and engaging not only to their prospective clients but also to the company’s internal employees. If the ‘live’ events are well plan and received by the audience. It will not only bring a higher chances of sales conversion from their business clients and also a significantly increase in the search engine’s SEO ranking, thus a win-win situation for both the audience and the companies that host the events.

Due to the ever growing demands with mobile markets that offers convenience, more and more people have spent additional money to purchase mobile devices to view streaming videos or livestreaming videos while travelling to and from their workplaces or at the leisure and comfort of their homes. This in turn has make livestream the most powerful online video broadcast solution that not only can easily satisfy people’s demands and needs to “watch as you go” and also better business opportunities for companies that can engaged and utilizes the advantages of livestreaming videos in this digital era.

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