Live streaming in general refers to online streaming media that is constantly recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer online or on television. It is commonly known as streaming to most people.

Live streaming services usually involved in a huge variety of topics that range from social media streaming to video games streaming that includes the streaming of marketing promotions, celebrity live events or even live video events for video gaming that allow the user to interact with each other or broadcast to a group of viewers online.

Streaming is well known to the fastest way for users to access Internet-based content, which is better than progressive download that is used before live streaming is invented and the main differences between progressive download and live streaming is when the user can start using the content that is download and what happens to the content after the user has downloaded and viewed the video.

As compared to progressive download, streaming allows the user to start using the content straightaway before the entire file is downloaded. This is one of the major advantages of streaming as It delivers data to the user faster and more efficient as compared to progressive download.

As for 4K Live streaming running at 2160 pixel, it is the enhanced version of the live streaming which the video resolution is higher than standard and even high definition (HD) live streaming. For example, Standard video resolution for live streaming runs at 480 pixels most of the earlier videos in youtube or other social media platforms online is limited to the standard-definition of 480p format.

For High-definition video streaming, the resolution is either 720p or 1080p which the resolution depends on how the producers want to broadcast their video content online but nowadays most of the high definition videos run on 1080 pixel that is stream online.

For 4K video resolutions, there are two variations of the 4K that is either 3840 X 2160 pixels commonly used for in-house events and 4096 X 2160 pixels for movies which usually demands a higher resolution for its screening.

To produce a 4K live streaming, there are several high-end video and audio equipment involved in the production. Basic requirements will be professional camera that is filmed in 4K and is connected to an encoder, good quality microphones to reduce external noise pollution and produce better sound, appliance encoder that will link the audio and video to the internet and enable the producer to send the streaming to the video platform, strong bandwidth speed to broadcast 4K videos and finally a video platform to broadcast the 4K video in a player and broadcast to the selected audience.

For Spring Forest Studio, they have easily fulfilled the 4K requirements by providing the necessary equipment and professional crews and good experience in 4K live streaming and other related projects which they can stream or webcast to popular social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, IBM Cloud video and even to China’s media platform online. Services that are available for 4K live streaming by Spring Forest Studio includes online webinars, online-training, the product launch for marketing purpose, live broadcast for performances such as recitals, wedding, birthday celebrations, entertainment shows and so on.

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