Webinars also known as web conferencing is a very useful online platform to allow business to conduct meetings online without the hassle for the participants to travel to the designated location to attend the meeting. By definition, webinars are services that allow multiple users to do video or audio conferencing online in real time which use technologies like TCP/IP to do the connection online and connect the participants from different remote locations. Good examples of the webinar services are Google Hangouts, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Facebook and YouTube Live.

People in the business world today deem that webinar as a crucial and important tool to use for their marketing campaign as it offers connectivity in real-time and allow online communication such as conference meetings or related marketing events whereby the presenter can easily interact and engage with the audience online.

Below are the reasons why using webinars is beneficial for business in terms of marketing purpose.

1. Webinars are a convenient online tool

Webinars are a convenient and useful tool as it allows multiple users to connect online and access to this service easily as long as they have the internet connection. Thus using webinars for business communication allows people to conduct business meetings without the need to leave their home or office.

2. Webinars are good for Marketing Promotions

Webinars can help business owners to promote their website or company’s brand. Using Webinar presentations, it helps to generate better exposure of the company on the internet. Using the concept of webinar marketing that the business owner can use the webinar conferences to do the business presentation or promote their products or services to the target audience. By using webinar’s video to demonstrate the benefits of using their products or services is more efficient and effective impact as compared to the normal methods of advertisement.

3. Webinars help to Increase Your Credibility

By using the webinar for business, it will allow the company to add more credibility to the business plan and make it easier for the target audience understand the concepts and establish mutual agreements. Webinars are also effective in bridging the gap between the business owner and their clients which in turn allow the business owner to gather better feedback and improve the business plan when necessary.

4. Webinars help to improve the Training and Education

Using Webinar’s live streams or webcasts that showcase the product training in different fields of business concepts and study which can be easily broadcast online in real-time instead of asking the participants to attend it in the workshop. It offers useful feedback from the viewer via real-time comments. Besides the use of webinars to increase the understanding of the products and services using the web video for the explanation, the presenter can also introduce new concepts to educate the viewers online all at the same time.

5. Webinars can help to increase Brand Awareness

In the past, many companies have spent a significant amount of time and money to build up their branding portfolio through constant advertisements and marketing promotions. Using webinar will certainly help to increase the image of the brand by allowing the target audience to have a between visual image and understanding of the brand. This, in turn, creates a bigger volume of the consumer base as long as the product/service are delivered to the customer’s satisfaction.

There are still many benefits using Webinars such as better media coverage online, more cost-effective than traditional advertising, ability to generate more leads for sales conversion and so on. In short, webinars are an important marketing tool in this social media era as it helps the business owner to have a better communication with their clientele and also helps them to convey their business ideas to a larger audience base which in turn increase the marketing awareness and establish more efficient consumer bonds in the long run.

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