In this modern era, social media has become the core of almost all marketing strategies and personal communication. Social media has allowed the business to showcase their brands and strengthen the opinion and perspective of their consumer, in order to build trust, promote their products/services and connect with their audience globally.

Since the year 2015, the majority of the well-known social media websites, like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have several new features and products that promote live streaming for personal or business purpose. By doing so allow social media companies to earn more revenues and more engagement with users. Thus creating a new trend which other social media sites are also engaged with the live streaming functions to attract more customers.

As compared with many other types of marketing, this particular platform is growing rapidly which is due to the fact in the rise of social media usage and more people are using smartphones or other media devices to broadcast the live events and shared it to their followers online.

This is due to the fact that watching video has become a major trend in online marketing campaigns and live streaming is an efficient method for companies to develop strong and positive relationships with their customers that in turn helps to increase sales and future referrals. Besides social media, live streaming is also used for other purposes as online training, trade shows, entertainment and other marketing or personal events.

The usage of live streaming in the social media platform has brought many benefits to the business as it is one of the fastest methods to send the corporate message out to the public and technically it is free to do the live broadcast in most of the social media platform. Other benefits of using the live stream in social media are:

1. Live streaming can attract more audience

All events that are broadcast live has restrictions in terms of geographical location and to reach out to the global audience. Companies that host the events will rely on live streaming as it is easily accessible to the online viewers. This means that any engagement with the video content that is recorded and broadcast in actual time via the social media will surpass any capacity limitations which a physical event have.

2. It encourages and promotes online interaction

Live streaming in the social media platform is a great way of boosting interaction between the companies and their potential clients. Regardless of whether the content has caught the interest and curiosity of the online viewers, companies will be using this as an opportunity to engage with any prospective clients and promote their products or services.

3. Opportunities to open new revenue streams

Live streaming via social media is not only a free service, it allows businesses to create new business opportunities by interacting with new prospects during or after the live broadcast event. Some companies will also use this opportunity to earn extra revenue by charging any viewers who are interested in the event to access their live stream event.

4. It has the potential to make the video unique and stands out from the rest

Streaming live events in the social media channel not only engage in more audiences online, it also helps in differentiating the brand or business from the rest. By taking this innovative approach, it helps to promote the event more efficiently and make the marketing campaign to be more efficient and effective.

While live streaming an event using the social media platform can produce great results and engage with more audience around the world. One has to take note on the quality of the content which can interact and engage with viewers easily so the viewers will help the company to promote further by sharing the video content and encourage their friends, relatives or other people to watch the video later.

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