In order to have the best possible wedding film you need to hire a studio that is able to supply at least two cameras and more videographers to successfully emphasize those special moments. Perhaps the videographers spend more time for the editing process, but the payoff is in the product: A wedding video that will highlight your special day and you will have completely different experience for the event. With over 10 years professional experience in photography and videography, we have had time to make sure that we deliver wedding videos which are a quality record of the day as well as a creative film to enjoy. Many major studios have stopped using film as a medium due to linear-editing devices no longer being made and the availability for amateurs to produce acceptable videos using DSLRs ( Digital single-lens reflex camera ). Videographers use non-linear editing software on home computers.

Digital cameras are very much different from those traditional cameras that only capture the photos, because that type of cameras performs multipurpose functions such as capturing photos, videos, editing, deleting, uploading, sharing and many other exciting things. Spring Forest Studio Singapore wedding videographers capture ALL the moments so you can remember EVERY moment – even the ones you didn’t see because you were off smooching, celebrating, dancing, and doing that whole best day of my life┬áthing. For his first five years with Aerodef, Andrew worked as one of the lead videographers, filming over 125 weddings and making creative and dynamic wedding videos.

In recent times, mainly because of the advancement in video capture and video editing technologies, the line between cinematography and videography has blurred a little bit and many videographers have begun calling themselves cinematographers. Confetti Wedding Videos are professional videographers and designers with over 10 years in videography and photography. Videographers are often associated with event videography, live TV, small commercials, corporate videos and weddings.

Videographers manage smaller, event scale productions (commercials, documentaries, legal depositions, live events, short films, training videos, weddings ), differing from individualized large production team members. Typically, videographers are distinguished from cinematographers in that they use digital hard-drive, flash cards or tape drive video cameras vs. 70mm IMAX , 35mm, 16mm or Super 8mm mechanical film cameras. A wedding photographer along with the wedding videographer and a wedding dj constitute perhaps the more important elements of your weeding day as they will be the people responsible for ensuring that your special memories are well preserved and that the event was handled correctly.

Testimonial I am really happy with my wedding videos and am so grateful that he was able to capture all the special moments that I would have forgotten many years from now…I love how he made our video like a movie, telling a romantic love story with great music choices. Here at Spring FOrest, the wedding video team of videographers and visual editors are understanding and easy to get on with. All packages include coverage by a Certified Wedding Bug videographer, professional titling to introduce your video, easy chapter search features, 24/7 backup service, and raw footage shot in HD with full editing rights delivered on standard DVD (or on Blu-Ray or USB for just a small fee).

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