In Singapore, there are many professional videography studios that specialize in all kinds of video services to cater for corporate events such road shows, marketing exhibitions, commercial, indoor training events, tradeshows, celebrity interviews and so on. Private events will include weddings, birthday or private parties, religious activities and more. The studios can fulfill their client’s need via video production (indoors) or Live event streaming/broadcasting.

Although the pricing depends solely on the client’s requirements, there are quite a few video production studios that can easily cater for their client’s requirement and even offered a reasonable rate for the events and one of the most well-known in the Singapore market is Spring forest Studio Pte Ltd.

There are many things that make Spring Forest Studio stands out among its peers in Singapore. For example, all the cameras use for videography is under the 4K version that produces the better quality of videos with high-quality audio.They can deploy all sorts of equipment such as sliders, dolly, crane or jib, 3-axis stabilizer, glidecams etc, that can easily support the video crews for big outdoor events.

Furthermore, Spring Forest Studio has Virtual Studio set that can create a professional backdrop (green screen) to allow their clients to conduct webinars, online-training, interviews, product launch and other related indoor events. The studio includes cameras (wired or wireless) that cover different angles on or off stage plus high-quality audio microphones and video software to cater for the specific events.

Also to note that Spring Forest Studio can broadcast the video by using their robust and reliable streaming or webcasting platform to bring the Live videos across the globe. This is achieved by partnering with IBM to use their IBM Cloud video to make it happen.

Last by not least, the founder – Mr Michael Koh and his crew has tons of working experience in this industry which they can assist their client to plan and work out the video events throughout the process to ensure that their client is fully satisfied on the outcome.

Of course, there are other studios that can produce the same results even with a lower price than Spring Forest Studio. But it is not just the quality aspects of the videos which Spring Forest has produced but the passion and professionalism that is display by the crew members that attracts and impress their clients.

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