Corporate video is a business term that is used to describe all video communications meant for internal or external corporate messaging to the target audience. It can also refer to any type of non-advertisement that has video content created by a business entity for profit or non-profit purpose. Nowadays, most of the corporate video content is hosted online and published on the company’s website page which is then distributed via social media or email marketing.

The main difference between corporate video as compared to traditional video advertising is the target audience. Depending on the business agenda, corporate video is usually meant for a specific audience instead of the general public. It is created solely for the purpose to represent the financial results to stakeholders or to highlight a new business or marketing initiative within the company itself. Corporate videos may include agenda such as promotional videos for new product/services, employee training videos, trade shows and so on.

Since the beginning of the social media era, online video is a norm for business and individuals to broadcast their information to the target audience online and corporate video is normally used either for internal communications or to broadcast on television. But the quantity of corporate videos advertised in online media or televisions greatly depends on the company’s budget. But Thanks to the lower cost of the video equipment, making a corporate video is more affordable than before. Thus making the corporate video production to be more popular than before.

The other reason for such popularity is that having a video upload on the website can greatly increase the amount and quality of traffic to a website which in turn increase the SEO page ranking indirectly. Video can engage with an audience easily as people will spend more time visiting the websites that feature videos for them to view and understand the product/services of the company. The best part of using a video for the corporate purpose is that it can convey a large amount of information in a short space of time which makes it easier to explain the complex products/services or projects instead of a lengthy statement or information chart published in the website.

There are many types of corporate videos broadcast in the market but is usually term as live broadcast / live streaming videos and pre-recorded videos.

1. Promotional videos

Promotional videos are usually used to highlight and promote a specific corporate initiative, service or product to prospective customers when they view the content online. As part of the marketing campaign, the main goal of creating promotional videos is to connect the brand and the business to the online viewers.

2. Videos for internal communication

Videos for internal communication is usually used for the purpose to relay important information to employees within the organization itself. Examples are the announcement of the latest financial results, internal changes such as new stakeholders or board of directors onboard and so on. Using video can be very effective for internal communications because it can convey a lot of useful information to the targeted personal effectively and efficiently.

3. Training videos

Training videos are mainly used for training purpose from agendas such as onboarding new hires, updating of new operational protocols, health & safety training and other related topics. Training videos are a popular way to train internal staff due to lower costs as compared to hiring a trainer. Other advantages of using training videos are that the videos can be used for multiple times and show it to different audiences.

4. Industrial videos

An industrial corporate video is meant for targeted audiences within a selected industry. It gives information on a product or service to the viewers on the more detail and technical level that describe how the product/service works. A good example will be a video of how the mechanics of the generator works that is meant for technicians or engineers working in the power plant.

5. Recruitment videos

Recruitment videos are meant to attract and bring in skilled talents to work in a company. It will usually reflect the culture and the personality of the company to attract interested individuals and is usually done via advertising on television or on the company’s website when they click on the recruitment page.

6. Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are normally used in the marketing video to have a deeper connection with potential consumers. Using a current consumer to testify the satisfaction he/she has on the product/service and provides an honest review greatly increase the credibility and is deemed as more trustworthy than a standard advertisement.

7. Conference videos

Conference videos are meant to deliver information to the attendees whom involved in the corporate events. The videos can be pre-recorded or broadcast live in the conference’s venue which is effective as it can reach a broader range of audience especially for those who cannot attend the event themselves but are able to view it online.

8. Corporate social responsibility videos

It is considered as a relatively new concept in the business world but more and more corporations are getting themselves involved in the social initiatives which not only created a positive impact to the society but also created a better brand image for themselves. A good example of the corporate social responsibility video is the furniture and electronics stores – Courts Singapore which they have created a video on donating household appliances to needy families during the Ramadan festive period through the Courts Singapore’s Ramadan home delivery program in June 2018. Corporate social responsibility videos are also used for charities or events on environmental issues and how the hosted company are involved.

9. Corporate event videos

Needless to say, corporate event videos is definitely one of the marketing tools to advertise and document the company’s milestones by recording the event. Other purposes of using corporate events videos whether a Live stream or re-record is to attract more potential clients and also can be viewed by those people who are invited but unable to attend.

While there are other types of corporate videos not mentioned in this article, one has to take note that with the improvement of technologies, corporate videos will become more and more sophisticated in the fields of corporate communication and better business opportunities for companies to convey their business message to their targeted audience.

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