With the constant threat of Corona virus aka “COVID-19” which has severely impact the world’s economy. It is not only a global issue that threatens the livelihood of many people but also affecting the world economy at an alarming rate which the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared as a global pandemic as of 21 March 2020.

Looking at the current situation of Corona Virus, citizens between China and Singapore need a communication portal that is efficient and effective to maintain their relationship with each other regardless of business or social reasons.

But despite all the travel restrictions and tight measurements implement from the government of the People’s Republic of China and Singapore since February this year.

Many Chinese companies are looking for alternatives to maintain their business relationship and investments around the world without the need to travel abroad.

Especially with Singapore as both countries have strong business and political ties with each other. To overcome this issue, both Singapore and Chinese companies are looking for alternatives to conduct their business meetings using simple online tools such as video calls, email correspondences and phone conversations to close a deal.

Depending on the situation, more and more business owners and their employees have started to embrace the concept of using live streaming platforms for their live webinar events or conference meetings without the necessity for business executives to travel abroad. Live streaming platforms are practical and applicable in so many ways for personal or non-commercial reasons where people can talk, share and discuss various lifestyle topics.

Especially in China where millions of people are sharing their personal knowledge and expertise in multiple forms of online webcast or other related live streaming platforms. Do bear in mind for the fact that many social media and live streaming platforms are heavily restricted and controlled by the Chinese government.

In Business sense, it is entirely possible for companies between Singapore and China to use third-party streaming software and equipment to create their own version of a Live webcast or webinars. But this will be based on conditions where they have the expertise and resources to handle the live streaming process.

Thus, it is always advisable for a business to hire professional studio company such as Spring Forest Studios that has the ability to assist their clients and bridge the communication flow in the digital world.

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