When companies want to broadcast their events or conferences to the general public or to their clients for marketing purpose. They will hire a studio company that can assist to take the footage of the events and broadcast “Live”.

This is known as Live streaming which is the process to broadcast real-time events in videos which viewers can see it easily on their smart devices or at other venues that can display the footage such as shopping malls.

Among many video production studio companies, Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd stands out among the rest in terms of their expertise in producing high-quality videos for commercial or infomercials. Spring Forest Studio also have years of experience in video production and other related services that help local and International companies in Singapore for their marketing needs.

So let me show you the top ten reasons why you shall hire Spring Forest Studio for your company’s Live streaming.

Number One – Spring Forest Studio is equipped with quality studio cameras that can stream easily in 4K resolution and high-quality audio capture that produce good quality live streaming.

Number Two – Depending on the event’s location (Indoor or outdoor), Spring Forest Studio can set up cameras that is either wired or wireless that are either static or mobile make sure to cover the whole footage in different angles, on stage or off stage and guarantee the best results.

Number Three – When it comes to audio production, Spring Forest Studio has spared no expense to use the audio microphones that is specialized for video production to give the best audio results.

Number Four – Spring Forest Studio will work with their clients closely for the post-production, pre-planning of the event by offering professional advice and information to them.

Number Five – Depending on the client’s requirement, Spring Forest Studio can assist clients to create webinars and in-studio presentation using their in-house studios which is cost saving for their clients instead of booking auditoriums.

Number Six – Clients will have the option to use the Virtual studio set which Spring Forest Studio can customize for the purpose of webinars, online training, product launching and so on. Combined with multiple cameras to increase the virtual studio effect will produce the best results for their client.

Number Seven – Spring Forest Studio also specializing in helping their clients to broadcast the Live streaming video or webcast in popular social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Facebook, IBM Cloud video around the world even China.

Number Eight – Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd has partnered with IBM to give their clients the visual and audio experience by introducing the IBM Cloud Video that is password secure, no interruptions from online advertisements, options to embed the video to the corporate website and the displaying of the client’s brand for marketing purpose and much more.

Number Nine – Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd has years of working experience to create different types Live Streaming projects ranging from indoor events such as business conferences, entertainments like drama, talk shows, commercials or infomercials etc. Which make it easier for Spring Studio to meet their client’s request.

Number Ten – Last but not least, Clients will enjoy the benefits of getting the best quality in terms of product and service from Spring Forest Studio at affordable prices with great result.

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