When it comes to the requirements for professional video recording, most of the video recording companies in Singapore have the same standards as compared to the rest of the world to provide quality videos to their clients.

This will mean that the skillset of the producers, videographers, cameraman and editors are well trained to use the video cameras and other related equipment according to industrial standards. But it will also depend on the requirements of their clients on what kind of videos they want the studio company to make.

Which means different kind of equipment will be used for indoor or outdoor purpose. For example if the client wants to have a video for corporate training.

They will be recommended to use the studio that have the standard setting of the DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex) cameras that is either wired or mobile to capture the different angles of the surrounding and the speaker.

Specialized Tripod are also part of the standard requirement which supports the cameras that is usually the heavy duty type.

The Teleprompter is a kind of display device that will show the script to the speaker by means of visual text that allow him or her to read the dialogue while making eye contact to the camera.

Lighting kits are crucial and is a requirement to set up in the stage to enhance the video visual effect. Rather than a simple spotlight that shines brightly to the speaker. This type of Lighting kit are specialized to increase the level of brightness to enhance the video quality.

The background can be either furnished according to the client’s requirements or using the Green screen which can create a virtual background effect that includes the screen mount to paste it in the wall.

Audio microphones is another important requirement that is need to produce a clear sound quality. It’s not the type of microphone which you will use to sing in Karaoke or music stage but is meant for indoor studio like cooking shows, conference and so on.

To create videos for outdoor event aka event videography, the equipments require are more and less the same with the exception that more manpower may be needed to handle the video and audio equipments and usually more planning will be required to deal with external issues such as the weather elements and the power source to charge their equipment for example.

For large scale events such as outdoor concerts or movie production, video production companies will even deploy heavy duty equipments such as cranes or sliders to capture the best possible angle of the video to maximise the visual effect of the video.

There is also some difference in the audio equipment that is used these type of big event.An external audio recorder that is mobile and synchronized with other audio devices is definitely a requirement for such events especially in Singapore.

Even when all the audio and video equipment have meet the requirements for outdoor events. There are also a strict requirements and standards for professional camera and other work crew to follow so as to ensure that they can get the best results for the video.

There are actually more requirement and standards for video recording in this industry but you can use this article as a good reference for your personal understanding.

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