Product video production by definition is the process of producing video content that is usually broadcast online or via other media such as cinemas or televisions depending on the agenda. It is the similar concept to filmmaking, but one difference is the audio and video images are recorded digitally instead of film stock.

Usually, video production consists of three basic stages which are pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production consists of the planning phase of the video production process before the filming begins. This will include scriptwriting, logistics, scheduling and other related administrative duties. The production phase of the video production is when the video shooting starts and captures the video and audio content that involves the filming of the actual events and the actors involved in the video. Finally, post-production is the action to combining those video clips selectively through video editing into a final product that will communicate a story or message that is broadcast to the targeted audience either using live event production (during the event) or post-event production (after the event).

Currently, there are many different kinds of video production which is usually for individual or corporate purpose. Examples will be movie or TV production, television or web commercials, corporate training videos, product presentation videos, customer testimonial videos, marketing promotional videos, event videos, wedding videos and so on. It is to note Video Production actually used for content creation that involves the three phases of production which is pre-production, production and post-production that targets a specific audience and is usually done by professional videographer or video production company. An individual who uses his camcorder or smartphone to film a birthday party for the purpose of capturing the memory is classified as home video and not video production.

One thing that defines the difference between product video production and corporate video production is that product video production is meant to showcase the company’s product that taken in action via video to allow the target audience to see it in full context and understand the product’s features, functions and the benefits. Whereas corporate video production serves a wider range of purposes such as producing videos for marketing, promotional, corporate training, filming and broadcasting live events for conference or conventions and other related activities. Although post-production process may be is similar, the target audience and the media channel to broadcast the video are usually different due to the agenda of the video production

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