Since early 2016, the China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT in short) with the aid of The Cyberspace Administration of China (also known as CAC) and even China’s Ministry of Culture has impose strict policy and regulations with the sole purpose to maintain a certain degree of control from the ever-growing social media trend.

Especially in Live streaming which has brought in an estimated $5 billion dollar and above that greatly boosts China’s economical in terms of E-commerce and other related industries.

While Big companies such as Weibo, WeChat, and Alibaba have benefited tremendously from using the technology of Livestreaming apps and social media platforms that serve as a powerful marketing engine to reach its audience and potential customers around the globe.

As of date, Live streaming itself in China has already risen to such a degree that has easily surpass other countries in terms of the business and social usage that some economist even praises Chinese companies for their innovative approach to bring the technology of Live streaming to “God-like” status.

Of course, like everything else, there is always up and down’s of using Live streaming as a collective source that has a strong impact on China’s population as a whole.

On the surface, many young people in China especially the millennials will maximize any technology that is available to promote their social and business Life to the general public.

Which in turn has created a new and upcoming trend for everybody in this digital society.

It is a fact that the Chinese government has strict laws and regulations to control the media and will do any necessary steps to prevent any sources of information via tradition or social media to protect the country’s global reputation based on their national interest.

A good example will be scenarios of a company that hired and paid a popular model with a strong following in her online community to act as a spokesperson and up sell their products or services using live streaming platforms. However, if the company fails to deliver and fulfill its promise and quality standards to their customers.

It will not only affect the company and the WebHost reputation in a negative direction. But also include the country’s global status as a whole as consumers around the globe will have a Wrong perception that all Chinese companies are not to be trusted. 

Despite this, there are many other benefits of using live streaming services such as the convenience of gathering feedback and reviews from other consumers in the same chatroom during live streaming sessions. The ability to engage anytime, anywhere in the world as all you need is a mobile phone or tablet and a good internet connection.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular entertainments in china as it gives the viewers a certain degree of control and certainty to voice out their opinions or sharing their personal experiences on topics that are related to the products/services recommended online.

It is only when the majority of all of the online participants are fully satisfied with a positive consensus, the sales transaction from the client will be deemed a total success. It is also a Hard fact that live streaming can give the viewers a strong sense of authenticity and reliability to any products or services that are broadcast and demonstrate by influential celebrities or companies with a trustworthy reputation.

Just a quick glance in the advertisements or marketing events in the webcast during the live streaming is presentation is enough to arouse curiosity follow by a strong interest to determine if the product or services are worthy of their time and effort to make the purchase.

For Top internet companies like Sina Weibo, WeChat, Baidu and Tencent in China, live streaming webcasts have become the most powerful and efficient online tools that are user-friendly and economical not only in China but to any online audiences that understand Mandarin on the global scale. In other words, live streaming services have become the main focus of the Chinese community to broadcast their personal or corporate brands in exchange for monetary value.

In many years to come, live streaming service will be an ongoing trend until a better technology comes along to replace it and comes with a better market value not only in China but also in the global economy.

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