Nowadays most companies are willing to spend their financial budget to live stream their corporate events in real time as part of their marketing campaign. This also applies to individuals who do not have the necessary skills and video equipment to record the video footage and live stream the event. This, in turn, gives many business opportunities to video production agencies to help their clients to produce live streaming events and other related activities regardless of indoor or outdoor events.

The only difference is how the video production agencies taking the video footage of the event and the different types of equipment plus the manpower needed to live stream the events. For example, indoor events like webinars, online training, corporate video conferencing, web interviews, commercials are usually done in the studio environment provided by the video production company and outdoor events like music recitals, weddings, birthday party, anniversaries, corporate or marketing events, fun fairs, road shows, church activities, tradeshows, local news coverage, outdoor interviews, talk shows, seminars and so on.

Most experts working in this industry will understand that it is usually more challenging to live stream outdoor events than indoor events due to these factors stated below.

1. Weather

Weather elements like sunlight exposures or thunderstorm can easily affect the visual and audio effect of the video. Not to mention the risk of damaging the equipment, time delay in the rehearsal and other related issues.

2. Internet connection

For any live streaming events in outdoors regardless of any locations, a strong internet (either wired or Wi-Fi) is a must to allow the video crews and the videographer to work on their laptops and other equipment for the live streaming. Most of the time professionals will prefer a wired connection as it is more stable and reliable as all they need is to plug the Ethernet cable to the encoder and run the show.

3. Background Noise

Unlike the indoor environment, there are instances where the noise created from the background (natural or artificial) can easily ruin the video footage in the outdoor event. Thus video professionals will need to take precautions such as using windsocks for their microphone to reduce the background noise impact to get quality audio.

4. Electrical Power

In situations where there are no power sources to charge the video and other equipment for the live streaming, the video crew will either standby additional batteries or even a power generator if necessary. Weatherproof extension cords are also needed to protect the power supply to avoid any possibilities of the technical failure during the event.

Compared to outdoor events for live streaming, it’s much easier to do the setup for indoor events. Depending on the client’s requirement, most of the professional video studio can help their client to live stream the events with ease. A good example is this company known as Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd in Singapore. Not only have they had the relevant equipment, experience and expertise to cater for indoor and outdoor live streaming events, Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd also have many years of working experience on live streaming services in Singapore and other countries. Do have them a call at +65 9668 0069 or email them at for more information.

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