What you should note when you do a live stream in Singapore. Actually there is no firm law on live streaming in Singapore. Just as long as the event is not of a major event like a football match or some close door events link with the Singapore government or streaming of hidden video cams. Other than that you are safe to do live streaming.

Many companies in Singapore turn to live streaming as a way to conduct their meetings across the globe. Insteading of bringing the meeting point to a single country, all country heads can now be glued to their seats in their own country and do a live streaming meeting. Similar to a webinar except that with live streaming, there are normally 4 to 5 cameras at a central location and broadcasting and event for others. Live Broadcasting is also another term for Live Streaming. But more popular the word known to many is Live Streaming Service, or Live Streams Streaming.

There are several platforms available out there for live streaming depending on every individual and company budget. Common platforms like facebook and youtube offers individual to do live streaming from their own home with standard quality, Professional agencies and companies will turn to IBM Cloud Video for their platform to host the live streaming. In a recent project with Spring Forest Studio, IBM Cloud Video has partner with Spring Forest for Live Streaming and introduction of the latest product from Sotavento Medios. Another media company in Singapore.

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