Lately Livestreaming is getting more and more popular for corporate or private events as it offers opportunities and convenience for the participants to view the event online in real time.

This is especially the case for wedding events as livestreaming a wedding event gives the bride and bridegroom an additional method to share the intimacy memorable moments and highlights of their wedding ceremony to their friends and family member who are not able to attend the event personally. Examples are those who are staying abroad or cannot attend in person due to medical reasons. Another advantage of livestreaming is that the wedding events can be even shared in social media platforms such as Facebook or even Youtube channel in real-time. Especially for couples who planning a wedding in other countries which livestreaming can bring and connect everyone to their wedding via online media.

Also to note that many couples have consider livestreaming as a necessary part of their wedding plans such as doing a live broadcast of the ceremony which most photographers and videographers are professionally train to livestream the event.

The costs of livestreaming for the wedding will depends whether the couple chooses to DIY (Do It Yourself) options or hires a professional to run the event and the latter will be an easier option as livestreaming for the wedding ceremony is so popular nowadays that there are a lot of companies or studio firms that specialize in these wedding services.

And the only concerns for the couple is to choose the right wedding vendor as each live streaming service offers different packages and pricing options which the couple must select the best package for their wedding.

Although DIY may be a cheaper option, there are many drawbacks involved as most of the livestreaming are done by amateurs using the basic media devices such as the camcorder, laptop and even mobile phones to capture the live event using live feed but the finish

product are mostly of poor quality in terms of the video footage or the upload of the streaming video may be lagging in speed or time. Thus for the broadcasting of the wedding event that targets a wide audience, the best option is to get the professional to handle the job.

Whether the couple choose the DIY or the engaging the professional videography. There are certain conditions which the couple will need to take note such as the livestream of the wedding are broadcast in real time and cannot be censored during the actual event. Thus if there are moments which the host or the couple make mistakes like wardrobe malfunctions, spelling errors during the speech and son on. It will not be reversible and might become a hilarious video instead of a romantic one. Thus it is very important that the wedding couple and the involved parties must do several rehearsals to ensure everything goes wells during the ceremony.

While livestreaming a wedding event is the top priority for most couples for their wedding. They will need to weigh and explore their options carefully before host a livestreaming for their wedding.

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