Livestream in definition refers to the online streaming media that simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewers and connects them via media for a common event whether indoor or outdoor.

For business purpose such as corporate anniversary or global business meetings. Live streaming allows your company to connect with key stakeholders during the company events which are also inclusive of private inner gatherings, employer-extensive keynote presentations, shareholder meetings or new product releases. Which customers, employees, and shareholders can watch and attend the event at the same time using any media devices such as desktops, tablets, mobile devices.

Which means that even if the attendees are not physical present at the event, they can still participate in the meeting or as the audience.

To many business owners, livestream provide business with a high-degree solution to communicate with the key personnel whom are critical for the meeting but yet are unable to attend personally due to personal or work-related reasons.

Live streaming is like podcasting in many ways with some main exceptions. Each consist of an audio or video section broadcast over the net. but while a podcast is recorded for future download and playback, live streaming occurs within the event’s actual timeframe and broadcasters additionally will link the live streams to chat rooms and other social networking functions which the participants can share their feedback with each other even though they are not physically present in the meeting.

Depending on the business agenda (local or global meeting) or whether the participants involved are internal employees or include their clients. The organizer will either hire a Video production firm to host the Live streaming event or to get their own stuff who to do the set up.

While it’s possible to DIY for the basic live stream set up and the cost of the equipment may be relatively cheap. The team in charge must have a relevant knowledge and experience on how to do the live stream.

Below is a few examples to do the Live stream set up in DIY style.

1. Reliable high-speed Internet connection and some kind of video input for the media device plus a high resolution/high-definition video camera or at least a PC’s built-in webcam.

2. Video camera with audio function or a stand-alone microphone.

3. A computer with server that has enough processing power and memory to handle upload speeds of 500 kilobytes per second for normal broadcasting or at least 1 megabytes per second for HD pictures

While it will be quite feasible to do the live event set up for small events and internal business meetings in DIY style. Most companies will hired video production firms whom are specializing in hosting big events such as international business meeting or other related events as these video production companies have the high end equipment, manpower and experience to deal with the logistics and the technical complications to coordinate the events and ensure it to run through smoothly and successfully.

Thus it is important to know how to organize and live stream the business meetings or other related events and when to hire a professional video production firm to run the show successfully other than doing the live stream setup using your own company resources.

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