Rather than just asking if corporate video production is still “hot” in the market which the answer is obviously a “Yes”. We should explore why and how corporate video production has created a whole new trend in marketing and the business opportunities for many companies.

Since 2017 there are statistics showing major changes in the video production industry which shows that corporate video is becoming more relevant and efficient in the marketing strategy that yields better ROI (Return On Investments) to the company. Especially in this digital era where people can connect to each other and access information easily using their computers or mobile device. While some marketers are still struggling on how to incorporate corporate video production to their marketing strategy, most of them will prefer to engage video production agencies to aid them to achieve their targets. To understand how corporate video production stays in trend, here is three of the corporate video concepts that are in still in trend.

1. Videos for Social Media

Since the invention of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, they have evolved from sharing personal thoughts and comment to sharing videos that are either for entertainment or promoting new business products or service. To create corporate videos on the social media platforms, marketers will need to do it differently as compared to normal video production in order to appeal to the viewers and get their attention.

Another way to get better results to pay the social media companies like Facebook to promote their content in the platform and is a faster method to build their customer base and promote the brand awareness.

2. Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos basically introduce the company’s business background, how they run the business and what kind of product and services they offer. This type of videos are usually inserted in the about us webpage in the company’s website and it is consistently updated to introduce new products or services. Marketers have used this video to create potential sales opportunities by using the video links in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing.

3. Live Streaming

Live Streaming has been used actively by many companies when they have events or seminars to broadcast. It is a popular marketing tool as viewers enjoy watching “Live” events which promote efficiency and the ability to reach a larger audience without any boundary restrictions.

Aside for HR or training purpose, live streaming videos are useful for marketing campaign as it creates better interaction with the audience by integrating the social media elements which not only increase the SEO ranking of the company’s site when the video is broadcast in the website. It also generates more interest from the participating audiences whom will in turn share this video in their preferred social media platform, promoting the brand of the company that hosts the video

Looking at the current trend of video marketing, the demand for corporate video production will continue to grow as people are getting more demanding for the innovation of information technology that allows them to access to information online which in the long term will create endless opportunities for business to strive on the benefits of video production to boost their business.

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