Webinar also known as web conference or online seminar is an online video and audio event that is held using the internet which is broadcast in real time. The main function of webinars is the ability to conduct two-way discussion, to send and receive relevant information in real time online. During the event, there will be one or more presenter whom will introduce and talk about a particular topic and invited online participants to share their opinions or feedback using live chat or messages which can be easily done while the participants view the videos using their computers or other media devices.

Common features of webinars are the ability to download and watch presentations and videos, using of digital board, text chatting, polls and surveys online, the availability of recording broadcasts for further watching and so on. Webinars are also commonly used for marketing, sales, corporate training, and educational purpose to any public or corporate audiences.

It is a fact that webinars are a convenient and effective tool for business to conduct online seminars which benefit both the presenters and attendees greatly and it explains why webinar are getting more and more popular every year. As the involved party can join in the webinar without attending the seminar physically but still able to participate in the event in his or her office or at home. Webinars have also save company money as they do not need to cater additional expense to pay the hotel lodgings and travel expense for those participants who are not staying in the same region or near the event venue.

To make the webinar event successful, there are a few things to take note. For example, the attendees of the online event will need to ensure that there is a proper internet access and the attendance will need to prepare the audio headset so they can give their opinions or feedbacks online. For the webinar presenters, the basic requirements will be the good internet access, headset, webcam and a reliable webinar hosting system.

Generally speaking, it is no longer necessary to install additional equipment or software to set up a video conference. All the presenter need is a computer with Internet connectivity, acoustic speakers, audio board, and microphone. Practically all modern computers have the required components out of the box. The only challenge is how to present the webinar events in a professional manner and how to ensure that the event is smooth and successful. This is where the video production house comes in to assist the company in hosting the webinar event.

In Singapore and other countries around the world, most business will engage and rely on these professional service providers to assist them to host an event using the webinar to connect to the online audience. Most of these service providers have tons of working experience and professional crews that can help the presenter to coordinate the events and ensure that all the equipment are functioning properly so that there will be no technical error while broadcasting the event in real time.

There is one video production house in Singapore known as Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd that is among the most well-known and one of the best in their professionals. The reason so is that they have 4K cameras and audio in high-quality that can easily capture for good quality live streaming. When necessary, the working crews of Spring Forest Studio will set up from one camera and up to twenty-four cameras to cover the multiple different angles off and on stage or within the live audience area. Depending on the situation, Spring Forest Studio can provide wired and/or wireless cameras for both static and mobile positions.

To ensure that the event is successful, Spring Forest Studio will work closely with the host and presenter to pre-plan and create overlays, picture-in-picture, animated titles or scrolling tickets that is similar to the ones on news broadcast channels to incorporate the presentation slides for good quality visuals. Other than producing videos in high quality, Spring Forest Studio will spare no expense by using good audio microphones for clear sound quality. Which also include the usage of the software integrated internet video conference for better user experience. If required, Spring Forest Studio can provide an experienced director to manage the event and switch from scene to scene to produce engaging sessions between the presenters and the audience. Last but not least, Spring Forest Studio can help their client to save additional cost of booking auditoriums by helping their clients to create webinars and in-studio presentation.

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