With the advance of technology in this digital age, it is getting more challenging and demanding for marketers to attract their customers using normal methods such as bill broad advertisement, TV and radio commercials. Although these methods are still effective to a certain extent, most people will prefer to use their mobile phones, tablets or their PC to watch any forms of videos for entertainment or information. This is where live streaming comes in.

The reason on why live streaming is popular is the fact that people can watch any events in real time on the internet instead of television plus the option to interact with the presenter online during Q&A session or share the information on the social media platform online. All they need is a computer device and a stable network connection to view the live event’s video.

To explain further, live streaming is also known as live content which the content is being viewed by the audience online in actual time regardless of geographical location or time zone difference. It can personal events like the wedding or church functions, business events like conference meetings or roadshows and entertainment events like the talent show or music concerts. But instead of watching the event on television, viewers have more options to view the events using their mobile devices as and when they go.

Although watching live event is nothing new to most people, it has caused quite an impact in how people around the world access to the media and how companies react to this phenomenon and use it to promote their business and brand awareness. This is where video marketing comes in.

Since it is a fact that people have a longer attention span when it comes to watching the video as compared to reading marketing contents. Video marketing is proven to be a useful tool for marketers to promote their campaigns or advertise their latest product by reaching to a larger audience across the globe. A good example will be how video games developers promote their latest or upcoming games via promotional videos which is upload in YouTube and even create a live event that can be view via their website or various social media platforms that support video input.

Live streaming has a huge potential to grow due to its popularity and the huge user base. With the convenience to reach thousands or more new customers within a short time frame, live streaming will be the next channel for new sales generation other than search engine optimization and content marketing.

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