A Brand represents the name and the identity of an organization which consumers will recognize and associate with. In the business world, branding is part of the marketing strategy which in this digital era there are more options and channels to advertise and promote the brand to potential customers.

To the business owner, brand awareness not only measures their customer’s ability to recognize the brand image, it also determines how successful the marketing campaign is. Especially when competition is high and all the business is competing to get the best share of the market.

Aside from the traditional methods of advertisement such as TV or radio commercials, recording or broadcasting Live business events for video marketing is not only efficient and effective, it has become more and more popular which many companies have recognized the value and the potential of using event video production to promote their business and improve their branding.

Nowadays most people can stream and watch videos in high definition using their laptops, tablets or smartphones with ease that has created opportunities for the business owner to use events to live stream/record the video contents to showcase their products or services and increase the awareness of their brands to the viewers

The main reason why event video marketing is so successful is based on the fact that people tend to prefer watching the video than reading content online. As most online users find it easier to watch a short two or three-minute video than spending five to ten minutes to read and understand the contents. Thus videos are very effective in getting the interest and the attention of the viewers, especially if the marketing videos are well produced.

In many ways, videos that are produced for business or marketing tends to deliver the information faster within the short time frame and generate more interest to the viewers. Especially during live events where the presenter will interact with the participants and online viewers are often invited to discuss the topics together via the social media. This marketing method is not only more entertaining and engaging if done correctly. It can generate strong interest to the participants and online viewers whom will, in turn, share the videos to their favorite social media platforms online and helps to generate more brand awareness by gaining exposure to all the social circles and connections to that particular person.

Since consumers tend to comment on videos they watch as compared to articles online, producing a video for the event video will make the audience to engage more with the brand. As it is proven that higher engagement will increase better brand loyalty, recognition and promotion for the company.

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