Live video streams are no longer for news rooms and large corporations only. With the consumer’s growing appetite for video content, live streaming has become a dominant force in communication, marketing, and social interaction.

In the last two decades, the amount of information that an average person consumes has grown exponentially. People want to find out more in the least amount of time. Human beings are better at processing moving images than static information. As a result, video streaming has grown as the primary content delivery system. By 2020, the worldwide market for enterprise video is expected to grow to 36 billion US dollars.

What does it mean for you? It means you have a unique opportunity to use the power of video to reach your audience. It can be anywhere, and for anything – meetings, seminars, church gatherings, wedding celebrations or marketing events. You can use live streaming to expand the circle of your personal and professional reach.

Engage Your Audience with Live Video Production, Live Streaming, and Live Broadcast

Live video streaming has a sense of immediacy that helps you or your organization better connect with the audience. It helps individuals and companies build better brands. The audience trusts a live event more than a recorded video. Here are some ways individuals and business can harness the power of live streaming:

Improve Corporate Communications

Corporations face the challenging task of keeping their employees informed and inspired. Live broadcast and streaming of corporate events is a great way to keep the communication channels honest and open.

Whether you have a single location or a multi-location organization, investment in live video production can increase your company’s employee satisfaction. Live broadcasts of corporate events will inspire employees and help them align themselves with corporate goals.

Employees can also use live streaming to participate in remote meetings. It helps build better relationships. It promotes collaboration and cooperation across the business. Good communication creates a cohesive organization. Every employee becomes a part of the whole. Live streaming can even help corporations save money through decreasing travel between multiple locations.

Corporations with worldwide presence cannot ignore the benefits that live streaming brings to the table.

Share Live Events

Live broadcast and streaming are great tools for any organization to explore. You can reach from hundreds to millions of users using the same techniques. It allows you to scale your services without investing in infrastructure expansion. It can be beneficial to any kind of event.

Imagine your church congregation attending an event from anywhere in the world. It is possible through the power of live streaming. Churches are creating virtual gatherings where church members can even participate in the conversation remotely. It is expanding the horizon of possibilities.

It can be a great tool for personal events too. Your friends and family don’t have to miss your wedding or your birthday anymore. Live broadcasts mean they can enjoy your cherished moments with you right there and then. They don’t have to wait for you to send them the video or put it up on a website. Also, viewing an event live can make it a more memorable experience. You can video stream anything. Even your children’s sports event.

Find Modern Marketing Opportunities

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can use the power of live broadcast and marketing to build an audience. Due to the proliferation of communication channels, there is no longer any primary source of information. As a result, the traditional advertising and marketing channels like TV and magazines are not providing the same amount of return on investment. It means it is time to try live video as an alternative to traditional marketing.

Live video services have an advantage over traditional channels. TV and magazines are not interactive. Live broadcasts and streams are better at getting immediate feedback from the viewers. It means live video gives you the power to target the right audience with better accuracy.

Today businesses need to explore the potential of live video to capture the imagination of their customers.

Build a Complex Content Management System (CMS)

Your content and intellectual property (IP) is your greatest asset. But it is difficult to control your content after its birth. Your videos can show up on pirated sites. They can be altered. They can be used for unrelated projects. You don’t have control over it. Trying to gain control is an uphill battle.

However, if you build a complex content management system (CMS) based on live video production, then you have total control over it. You are the creator of the content and you are delivering it at creation time. It protects you against any form of piracy and gives you an opportunity to directly connect to the customer.

Live video streaming helps you protect the integrity of your content better. Also, your customers will appreciate the authenticity. They are more likely to engage and support your cause when they know the content they are getting is coming directly from the creator.

Invest in Cutting Edge Technology and Experienced Personnel

Live streaming is a powerful tool. But it requires investment in the right technology and expertise in live production.

Mastering live broadcast, multi-streams and point-of-view (POV) switching requires an understanding of live video production environments. The right technology is a great help. A solution like IBM Cloud Video can help you with the complexity. It can simplify the process. You can easily scale your production while gathering valuable data. It improves your return on investment (ROI) through helping you build advanced analytics.

However, technology isn’t enough to solve all the complexity. You also need experienced personnel to set up the live and on-demand environment. For live editing, you need experienced video producers who can help you manage your on-screen video and off-screen workflow.

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