The use of graphics videos have become powerful tools for website branding and increasing engagements, therefore, cannot be overemphasized. To lay more emphasis, it would interest you to know that about 37% or marketers admit that video marketing was the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging (38%). Videos come in the different category and out of the various Video Marketing strategies for business engagement, they are using Video as a teaching tool is growing increasingly popular there are two ways you can do this; Whiteboard Video Explainer and Video Production with featuring actual humans. Whiteboard explainer videos are video clips you have probably come across, portraying a hand drawn images or animations in black and white or colored marker on a white background with very clear voice narrations. These kinds of video are used to explain difficult concepts, products or services that a business needs to present to an audience. In as much as these are easy to watch and understand, there are pros and cons to using whiteboard explainer or videos production with real humans to market your business; you just have to know which one is ideal for your kind of business.
Affordability: While speaking of affordability, it is important to add that cost of production is relative to the quality of whiteboard explainer video you want. But generally, due to the fact that they require no actors/actresses and fewer efforts, the price tag is significantly lower compared to regular videos. For brands operating on a limited budget but desire to utilize videos for their marketing campaigns, whiteboard animation is the most cost effective means to do so. Effects: If for instance, you had a particular piece of equipment that you wanted the viewer to see exactly what it looked like or if the message you intend to get across to your viewer requires the display of real life emotions, it will be a lot more effective if a regular video is used.Regular videos offer the ability to give detailed images of an image or a product and incorporate multiples characters that can interact or speak with emotions. Whiteboard videos do not have this advantage as they are one dimensional and are drawn in a way that makes them only appear to be moving or reacting. Ease of Production: In most cases, all it takes is to create a visual storyline with a set of images based on the Voice over the script. Each frame will have one major idea attached to it represented in the form of a picture. While the voice over in the frame explains the point, the ‘animation’ will be drawn onto the frame to reinforce the message. Each new frame will reveal another image and the voice over will guide the viewer through the storyline. This makes the production of whiteboard explainer videos much simpler to produce than any other medium such as Motion Graphics and real video with actual people in it. Audience Engagement: Real footage offers 3D effects that are no doubt a lot more captivating than drawing guided by voice over. However, they tend to be very specific, making it difficult to simply give an overview of the benefits of a product or service. While a whiteboard explainer video guides the eyes of the viewer to specific points and always contain powerful and specific call to action. Again, it is important to note that the advantage of Whiteboard videos or real footage is totally dependent on the purpose. However, there is no cause for confusion because here at Spring Forest Studio, we have the expertise to combine both of them to produce an engaging video. First by helping you decide what type of video you want to create which depends on your products/services, goals, and audience for instance seminars, how-to videos, product demonstrations, interviews, presentations, and more. We understand that some people are visual, others are auditory, and a lot are a combination of the two, so we strive to unite a storytelling track with a visual animation of that story to capture the attention of the various kinds of people. We also, produce videos that you can have a high level of control over the result, something you can easily edit without having to start over. Whatever it takes to help you appeal to your prospects by giving them what they want. Contact me here!
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