With the outbreak of Corona Virus also known as “Wuhan Virus” in 31 December 2019, everybody is tense with the possibilities of contacting this contagious virus in affected countries while travelling abroad. This is especially the case for business travellers who need to attend seminars or meetings in other countries.

Not to mention the fact that many countries have issued travel advisories and even outright bans in order to curb and control the spread of the virus. This include the cancellation of flights to certain destinations and even went to the extent of quarantine passengers who have been to the affected countries within the past 14 days since the outbreak to ensure that the virus is not spread to the native countries.

But thanks to modern technology, business professionals can utilize the advantage of online technology such as live webinars to run their business as usual without the necessity to meet their clients personally.

A simple description of webinar is that it is an online platform that allows different parties to conduct a online, interactive presentation which the participants can conduct meetings and share their opinions together in real time by simply using their laptops and a good internet access to communicate with one another. 

By doing so, webinars can save the hassle of flight and hotel arrangements which is deemed as additional travel expenses for companies. As business executives can easily use their conference rooms in their offices to conduct online meetings with overseas clients as and when they want.

To say the least, webinars has help companies not only to save time and money but also the potential to reach a larger audience online plus the additional benefits to the organizers to collect vital data for business analytics and marketing strategies. 

To define further on the benefits of using webinars, it is proven that most companies and Business professionals can easily reach out and communicate to their target audience using online platforms and it has even created new opportunities for new entrepreneurs to market their product or services to the mass market. 

Time management is much easier to control and schedule when meetings are conducted online using webinars, not to mention the flexibility for the participants from different locations and even time zones to join in the webinars and conduct business meetings. This is turn helps to achieve maximum participation, interaction and productivity for business in the long run.

One other unique advantage of using Webinars as compare to other media communication is that during Q&A sessions, participants can voice out their concerns on the agenda or simply post questions and seek answers to their queries during the webinar event. This in turn ensures a certain level of interaction, keeping the webinar to be livelier and more interesting.

Especially with the millennials nowadays who are heavily influence by social media platforms and proficient with the latest audio-video gadgets or equipment. Not to mention that most of not all are well verse in content acquisition process for their personal or business purpose.

Thus, it will make perfect sense for business to hire professional companies to deal with the whole webinar production, events and delivery to achieve maximum impact and results for their clients.

Equipped with the latest 4K, broadcast studio-grade camera and equipment, Spring Forest Studio would be the perfect professional outfit for any organization wanting to capitalize on the latest in webinar production.

Armed with its own video mixer server, and big-name cloud video service provider, Spring Forest Studio is well-positioned to tell your story and broadcast it to the entire World Wide Web (including China).

Given the multiple benefits a webinar provides, especially during such tumultuous times, it is a no-brainer – just leave it in the good hands of the professionals to get the job done right!

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