Yes, you are right, 4K live streaming is beneficial for SEO. First, we need to understand what is SEO. SEO is a technique used for ranking your website to the top of the search engines in Google and Yahoo for certain keywords that drives traffic to your website. It is important to always update your website regularly and to ensure your website has up to date content.

With the aid of live streaming, there can be videos done with engagement to the public and to engage your customers. 4K live streaming does the work for you with high quality 4K high definition live streaming across the globe on the internet at a high bit rate and upload stream of at least 20Mbps without affecting the data bit rate. Google loves this as there is active content being updated always. But how do you get the traffic from these live streaming being done on your website. The answer is simple, this is done automatically through the magic of Google and social media.
We need to make use of ready social networks out there to perform these ready cuts and paste magic. Taking for example Facebook. I am sure you have done Facebook before and I am sure you have heard of Facebook live streaming. In the past, this feature of live streaming was only available to celebrities but now it is open to the public and everyone can do live stream.

At Spring Forest Studios, we offer a customized solution to live streaming and with our customized software we will be able to connect you’re your facebook stream to do professional live streaming service and even connect and engage your customers with their comments linking up to the on screen live streaming feed so that you can choose what to interact with your customers and what to hide away in terms of any abusive language found in it. With the connectivity and traffic of the live streaming, it is also important to give quality to the and thus we recommend the use of our 4K cameras and 4K equipment to give you a steady stream. Our 4K live streaming service is not only catered to Singapore and we also cater to regional countries.

So the question is how does live streaming actually affect your SEO results?

4K Live Streaming can boost your SEO rankings because live videos are intrinsically more engaging, and search engines reward you for it. You’re producing news, and search engines like Google will reward you for it.There are several services to live stream. Facebook and YouTube are some of the most popular ways, and they’re easy to navigate. But ensuring people watch your live streams is the key to really reaping the most rewards when it comes to SEO.

If you want to find out how to do a DIY Live Stream, you can check out this website here else if you are a business and would like professional assistance, you can contact us at Spring Forest Studios. IBM Cloud Video Platform is a partner of Spring Forest Studio and we offer you the quality 4K live streaming services at the most affordable cost from Singapore.

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