Since the widespread of Corona Virus which is commonly known as COVID-19, governments and religious groups from all over the world has cancelled events and mass gatherings in the holy sanctuaries avoid the possible outspread.

It all started in February 20, 2020 in South Korea where the “infamous” religious sect known as Shincheonji Church of Jesus reported it’s first cases of death victim which stems out of a mass gathering there.

Soon after, the impact spreads like wildfire in the social media platform that eventually forced governments around the world to take drastic actions to curb and control the situation.

In my humble opinion, all these unfortunate incidents and drastic measures could have been avoided if people are more self-aware of their medical conditions and take more social responsibility towards others.

Although this pandemic doesn’t deter the faithful’s from performing their regular church prayers, most will do their part of social distancing and perform their rituals at home instead of going to church.

While this may sound logical to most, some will still yearn for the serenity of the holy grounds and the blessing of the parish to maintain their beliefs and faith.

Perhaps it is fortunate now that we are living with technology that allows us to communicate and conduct meetings even in real time without the need to travel to the designated location physically.

In this case, I am referring to Live streaming that is conducted by the church’s committees and allow easy access to many people to join the online services and watch the mass in live-stream mode via social media platforms such as FaceBook or Youtube. Depending on the requirements, some churches will inform their followers to subscribe to their website and watch the mass online.  

To say the least, many find it very convenient as they can save the commuted time and enjoy the leisure to perform their religious duties in the comfort of their own home.

On the other side of the coin, other will feel awkward when they see the “near-empty” room while celebrating Mass services and some even find it hard to make a spiritual communion without making a physically connection. But it fares better than not having the opportunity to maintain the connection with the church, especially in these moments of pandemic crisis on a global scale.

To sum it out, live streaming is not just a “convenient tool” for the church to communicate to their mass but also an alternate way to bring their faith closer and overall contributes to the society by reducing the possibilities of Corona Virus infection.

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